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Bethel Kids

What's New at Bethel Kids?

ALMAGUIN Region, do you remember Wednesday Night Kids Kraze? Well, it's back, but now it will be Every Sunday Morning and called "BETHEL KIDS".  Parents and Students, come through the upstairs entrance  at Bethel, head downstairs and join in the fun each week, as we enjoy of a time of fun with games, activities, music and age appropriate teachings.  Bethel Kids will run simultaneously with Bethel's AM Service, but Parents, you are also free to just drop off your student at 10:40 AM and they will be brought to you upstairs at the end of the service.

The current series that we are studying is Outrageous by Pursue God Kids.  In this series, kids will learn about some crazy stories in the Bible of how God showed up to help.  


What's Bethel Kids?
Family Matters...

At Bethel Pentecostal Church, family matters.  Family is actually one of our core values. We strive as a body of believers to be a family and to provide opportunities for all ages of Bethel Sundridge to connect, grow and reach.  As such, "Bethel Kids" our ministry for kids of all ages was launched.


 Bethel Kids is a safe place where students from birth to 12 years old can not only have fun, but also build friendships, and most importantly establish and grow in their relationship with Jesus as they build lives of character and faith.  At Bethel Kids, we don't believe that Kids ministry is "babysitting" instead we believe that our students are the leaders of both today and tomorrow.  As such, we believe in raising up kids to be enthusiastic followers of Christ.

What to Expect...

Upon arriving to Bethel Sundridge on a Sunday morning with your children,  we encourage you to use the Upstairs Entrance (once you come in you and your child can head downstairs to sign in).  Upon entering you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff who will assist you in signing in your child/children.  Bethel Kids Sign In starts at 10:40 AM each week, to allow you the time to head up stairs and grab a coffee and treat before the service starts at 10:45 AM.  Our Sign In process allows us to get to know you and your child, as well as any allergies or special instructions. Following Sign In, your student will be greeted and taught by  qualified and Police screened teachers and volunteers.  Upon completion of the service, you will then proceed downstairs for pick-up and sign out.

While at Bethel Kids, your child will:

- Enjoy a time of Games/Activities/Centers

- Crafts 

- Music

- Age Appropriate Bible Lessons and Truths

- Group Discussions

- Follow Up and Take Home Sheets

Bethel Kids Age Breakdown:

Nursery (Parents Staffed): Birth to  1 year olds.

Toddlers: 1year olds - 2 years old

Pre-School: 3 years to 5 years

Kids: 6 years to 12 years old.

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