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Financially Partner with Bethel

We Thank You for helping us be the Church in Motion, and partnering with us in our mission to bless others in our community, country and world.

Step 1: Click HERE to watch a video about how to do an E-Transfer

Step 2: Login to your bank online

Step 3: Select Interac E-Transfer

Step 4: Add a Recipient: Use Bethel Pentecostal Church for the recipient name, and for the recipient email use:

Step 5: Your bank may require you to come up with a security question and/or password in order for the transfer to be   received.  Please let Cindy Van Til (book keeper) know your answer and or/password by emailing:  We ask that you do not send your  password to the same email address that you   send the E-Transfer.

* Depending on your type of account a $1.50 fee may be  charged for E-Transfers. Your bank will let you know if your plan covers E-Transfers, or if you have to pay extra to use this  service.    

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